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New Broker Pre-License Students (unlicensed)

If you are new to Red Carpet School, we have everything you need to start your Real Estate career. To obtain a Real Estate License, you must complete the NEW Broker Pre-License Package which includes the R.E. Fundamentals and WA Real Estate Practices courses plus pass the Washington State Broker Exam (Formerly called Salesperson). After passing the Pre-License R.E. Practices and the R.E. Fundamentals courses read through the "AMP Real Estate Candidate Handbook" sent to you by email from Red Carpet explaining all of the State and the Applied Measurement Professional (AMP) requirements for taking the State Exam. Our package has everything you'll need to schedule and pass the State Exam on the first try. Our friendly staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have about the course and the exam.

We've streamlined the process to help successfully passed the examination. Once you've passed the examination, you can begin your Real Estate career at a Firm of your choice. As a new Broker, you may sell homes, condominiums, commercial property, land and lease residential & commercial property.

 Course  Hours  Price  

New Broker Pre-license

(Formerly Called Salesperson)
R.E. Practices - 30hr
R.E. Fundamentals - 60hr

+Free "Guide to Passing the AMP R.E. Exam". ($37.00 value)
+Free AMP Supplement Course has updated information in the 4 chapters with 29 questions.
+Free AMP National Cram Exam - 5 exams with 500+ questions specifically for the National Content section.
+Free Pre-License Mock Exam - Real Estate Math - 51 questions.
+Free WA AMP Pre-License Mock Exams - 3 exams with 125 questions specifically for the 35 questions on the Washington State Content section of the state examination.

 90hrs $299

Managing Broker Pre-license

Advanced Real Estate Law
Brokerage Management
Business Management

+Free 3 WA-AMP Pre-License Mock Exams - 125 questions
+Free WA Law Pamphlet and Candidate Handbook.
+Free AMP Supplement Course - 4 chapters + 29 questions
+Free 93 Managing.Broker Closing Problems
+Free Georgia Broker Simulation Exams
+Free Guide to Passing AMP Real Estate Broker Simulation Exam
(A 45.00 value) plus additional Simulation Exams will be emailed.

 90hrs $299

First License Renewal Packages

This course is only for agents renewing their active license for the first time. Your first renewal is based on when you paid your 1st license fee.. To keep your license active, you must complete the 1st License Renewal Package within two years from when you activated your license.  If you have not taken the courses required to renew your license will be placed in inactive but you must pay your renewal fee every 2 years or your license bay be cancelled.

 Course  Hours  Price  

1st License Renewal Package

Washington State Advanced Practices (Required 30 hour course)
Real Estate Law (Required 30 hour course)
Free 3 hour CORE Curriculum course (Required)
Plus choose a 30 clock hour Elective Course
Complete 90hr Package

 90hrs $279

Continuing Education Renewal Packages

For a Broker's 2nd license renewal or any Managing Broker renewal, you must take a 30hr course plus the 3 clock hour Core Curriculum every 2 years. Red Carpet School offers 5 Broker and Managing Broker Renewal Package for $124.00 that include the Core Curriculum. 

Whether you're renewing an active Managing Broker or Broker license, you may take any of the 5 packages. A Managing Broker's first renewal is the same as any regular renewal.

 Course  Hours  Price  

Renewal Packages

5 Packages to choose from
One 30 clock hour Elective Class
+3 Clock Hour CORE Curriculum

 33hrs $124

Individual Classes

Real Estate Practices

 30hrs $115

Business Management

 30hrs $115

Brokerage Management

 30hrs $115

Real Estate Law

 30hrs $115

Advanced Real Estate Practices

 30hrs $115

Advanced Law

 30hrs $115

Core Curriculum

 3hrs $40


Our service starts with you. We are a family run company that maintains a small personal staff that is happy to answer any questions you might have.
New Broker
R.E. Practices - 30hr
R.E. Fundamentals - 60hr
+Free 700 Exam Prep questions
+Free WA Law Pamphlet
+Free AMP Candidate Handbook
Real Estate Exam
Managing Broker
Pre-License Package
Advanced RE Law - 30 hours
Brokerage Mgmt - 30 hours
Business Mgmt - 30 hours
+Free 93+ Managing Broker
Closing Problems
+Free Guide to Passing AMP Simulation Exam
+Free Free WA Law Pamphlet
+Free AMP Candidate Handbook
Real Estate Exam


First License
Renewal Package
Advanced Practices - 30 hours
Real Estate Law - 30 hours 
Elective - 30 hours
Current Trends & Issues - 3 hours
Phone & Online Support
Elective - 30 hours
Choice of 30 hour electives include:
Brokerage Mgmt
Business Mgmt
Advanced Practices
RE Law
Advanced RE Law
RE Practices
Includes Current Trends & Issues
(Required 3 hour Core course)