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Individual Continuing Education Courses.

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Advanced Practices (WA1112)
Advanced Practices (WA1112)...More Details
Price:$ 149.00
Advanced Real Estate Law
Advanced Real Estate Law...More Details
Price:$ 115.00
Advanced Real Estate Practices
Advanced Real Estate Practices...More Details
Price:$ 149.00
Brokerage Management (WA120109)
Brokerage Management...More Details
Price:$ 119.00
CE Contemporary Trends in Real Estate
This course looks at today's economy and how each generation affects the real estate industry. From cloud computing to a paperless office this course represents the Contemporary movement in the real estate industry...More Details
Price:$ 75.00
CE Modern Marketing
Modern marketing and tools used by real estate professionals to meet the demands of their clients. The course covers social media marketing, cloud computing, establishing a website and keeping records secure....More Details
Price:$ 75.00
CE Real Estate Finance & Investing
The financial melt-down brought financial legislation which affects finance and investing in the real estate market. This course takes a look at the past to help you understand what happened, how it can be avoided in the future and what to look for moving forward. ...More Details
Price:$ 75.00
CE Short Sales 2.0
What is a short sale? What can each party to the transaction expect going through a short sale? How long does it take to close a short sale? We'll touch these areas in the course, so you'll confident when it comes to working with a short sale. ...More Details
Price:$ 75.00
Common Mistakes Made by Rookies
This course is designed to bring awareness to the real estate professional of the common pitfalls/mistakes that are made by many licensees. The course is practical in nature and discussion is based on introduction of the subject, case studies and examples of mistakes that are commonly made in many a...More Details
Price:$ 25.00
Current Issues in WA Residential Real Estate
Current Issues in WA Residential Real Estate...More Details
Price:$ 35.00
Effective Contracts
Sound Practice for the Preparation and Presentation of Effective Contracts. Contracts are an essential part of the transfer of real estate. It is important that you, as the real estate professional, are familiar with these contracts, know how to use them and have the ability to explain the terms con...More Details
Price:$ 25.00
Real Estate Business Management
Real Estate Business Management...More Details
Price:$ 125.00
Real Estate Law*
Real Estate Law...More Details
Price:$ 115.00
Real Estate Practices
Real Estate Practices...More Details
Price:$ 125.00
Risk Management
With the increase in lawsuits over the last few decades, it's safe to state that we, in the United States, have become a litigious nation. Lawsuits, or the threat thereof, within the real estate industry, are certainly not an exception. One of the causes, perhaps, is that a party does not have to pr...More Details
Price:$ 25.00
Site Design and Planning
Site Selection, Office Design, IT Needs and Business Planning for Brokerages...More Details
Price:$ 25.00
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